What we do


Enscape provide business development and research services for waste/resource and energy management.

We are client focused, providing business, management and technical expertise across many industry sectors and policy-making areas. Our team, experts in their fields, have been delivering support on the circular economy, waste/resource management and energy for many years - doing so for public and private sector clients as well as community based organisations.

We provide business development, research, community engagement and marketing expertise to ensure that energy, resources and waste streams can be managed as efficiently as possible. We also design and deliver trials of innovative technologies, processes and systems for sorting complex waste streams into valuable outputs and carry out major stakeholder engagement programmes.

Our skills include developing business plans, securing grant funding for major capital investments and managing the delivery of pilot programmes to test and evaluate innovative collection, processing and income generating activities. We also deliver stakeholder/community engagement programmes of work across a range of sectors, as well as providing training materials and guidance for web-based platforms and smartphone apps, for a range of business types.