Critical Raw Materials


Enscape has been partnering with Re-Tek (lead organisation) and the University of the West of Scotland to generate effective links with businesses, educational establishments and local authorities across Scotland, to enable residents and employees to securely donate unwanted, but still functioning IT equipment. The project recently completed the laboratory phase, led by the University of the West of Scotland, where the PCBs from equipment which could not be re-used were evaluated, to understand the optimum conditions and methods for CRM extraction.

Equipment accepted by the Scheme:

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All data-bearing equipment donated to the scheme has been collected by Re-Tek ( and securely data-wiped using secure data wiping software. To enable users to check when their items have been securely data-wiped, the scheme provides monthly data destruction reports (available here).  The reports provide serial numbers of all equipment collected and data-wiped by Re-Tek. 

The trial is one of a number commissioned by the LIFE funded project Critical Raw Material Closed Loop Recovery delivered through a partnership of WRAP, the KTNWuppertal InstituteERP UK Ltd, and EARN. Trials throughout Europe are exploring commercial opportunities for harvesting critical raw materials (CRMs) and precious metals from everyday unwanted electronic items.  The trials aim to increase the recovery of a range of CRMs by 5% from products including consumer electronics.  For further information on the European trials go to the following webpage:

If you require further information about the project please contact: Brian Menzies.

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